Rice, roast veg and mushrooms with dill and saffron yogurt.

IMG_1102Rice cooked with star anise and fennel, roasted vegetables, chestnuts, mange tout and last of the garden beans. Wax Cap mushrooms sautéed with thyme and sage, then further cooked with Elderberry vinegar. To accompany: Kefir yogurt with dill and rose water.  This was one of those  unplanned meals that evolved from what I had in the store cupboard, plus what I had foraged that day. I’m sharing because it worked well and I thought the colours looked great! Starting with a base of mixed camargue, wild and long grain rice, I then added everything else, tasting as I went along.

N.B. I had previously been marinading beefsteak fungus in my Elderberry vinegar. The vinegar tasted fantastic so I used in this dish- I think it could have been great added a mushroom risotto too! A balsamic glaze would work really well if you don’t have Elderberry vinegar. 


Firstly I added olive oil to a large frying pan, turned on the heat and sautéed my onion for a few minutes. I then added the rice, fennel and star anise, stirring for a few more minutes, before pouring in the stock (making sure the liquid level was around a centimetre above the rice). Next I placed the lid on the pan, turned the heat down about as low as it would go and cooked the rice for thirty five minutes.

Meanwhile, in a separate, frying pan I cooked the mushrooms in olive oil and butter, adding some seasoning.

I combined the rice with the mushrooms and added to a large, heavy based cooking pot, along with a glug of olive oil.  Turning to a low heat, I stirred in the roasted vegetables, beans and mange tout (having steamed and strained the beans). I then added mushrooms, Chestnuts, herbs and vinegar and further cooked for ten minutes.

To accompany the meal, I mixed together yogurt, rose water, a pinch  of salt and freshly chopped dill.



  • 250g mixed rice
  • Boullion stock
  • Olive oil
  • 5 or so Chestnuts, roasted, de-shelled and roughly chopped
  • 1 onion, roughly chopped
  • Green beans, topped and tailed
  • Mange tout
  • Roasted vegetables; onion, garlic, courgette and leek
  • Meadow and Scarlet Wax Caps
  • Elderberry vinegar
  • Thyme
  • Alexanders, chopped
  • Sage, chopped
  • Star anise
  • Fennel
  • Seasoning
  • Kefir yogurt
  • Fresh dill
  • Rose water

N.B. for Elderberry vinegar recipe see my fruit vinegars post.

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