Foraging Walks & Courses 2024

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During Bristol foraging walks and courses which last around three hours, we will be identifying, picking and eating a number of delicious edibles that present themselves along the way.  There will be discussion about seasonal eating and the nutritional values and medicinal use of plants.  We will also look at the conservation of species and their habitats, what to take and what to leave.  And of course there’s use and storage of wild food, recipes and lots, lots more. Although most foraging walks and courses take place in Bristol and The West Country, other events happen further afield including in Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Clevedon, Hampshire and South Wales. I often lead corporate events and team building days in and around London. 

If you’re thinking “I want to arrange a foraging walk near me” for a private group, be it a stag or hen do, company away day, corporate event or if you have any ideas for a foraging related event,  please contact me directly. I have previously taught chefs, worked with restaurants, country houses and estates as well as hotels. I often collaborate with organisations delivering wellbeing packages for retreats and festivals. I work with permaculture courses, biodynamic and organic farms. I regularly deliver foraging walks and courses to schools, scouts groups, forest schools, catering colleges, community organisations, and other youth groups. I am also currently collaborating with yoga, pilates and qi gong practitioners to teach holistic workshops and retreats. I’m available for live streamed events, webinars and ‘virtual’ foraging walks too. I’m very passionate about wholefood cooking, working with the best seasonal wild ingredients to create food that nourishes us on every level and that looks and tastes amazing too!

You can book me for private friends or family group bookings or for corporate events. please contact me for a quote. You can get in touch with me here if you’d like to book a wild food foraging day. 

For foraging walks and courses UK, plus gift vouchers see below…

Plant foraging walks gift voucher £40 (valid for walks up to 8 months from date of purchase) 

Mushroom foraging walks UK gift voucher £60 (valid for 2024 mushroom season)     

Four foraging walks gift voucher (for one person to come on three different plant walks and one mushroom walk ~ discovering wild food through one whole year*)

4 seasonal walks gift vouchers £160


MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS LINK BEFORE BOOKING! It contains brief but essential information about exactly what I do, and do not offer. By booking any walks or purchasing any gift vouchers you agree to Go Foraging’s terms and conditions.

Please read my FAQ’s where you will find everything you need to know about walks and redeeming vouchers. 

Foraging Walks & Courses 2024

Events at a glance include…
Winter and Spring Urban Park Foraging Walks in Bristol (from February onwards)
Summer Coastal Walks in Clevedon 
Seaweeds Foraging in South Wales
Forage & Feast day
Foraging & Qi Gong 
Summer Mushroom & Plant Walk
Autumn Fruits & Mushroom Walks
Fungal Forays
Mushroom ID Walks
Plant Medicine Walks
Medicinal Mushroom Walks (Autumn and Winter)
Autumn Park Walks in Bristol
Forest Therapy and Mindful Foraging 
Collaborations with Pony & Trap (Foraging & Cooking Days)
See below for all walks details and booking…

Spring Greens Walks

Oldbury Court Estate, Bristol – Saturdays 9th March, 23rd March & 20th April- 10.30am-1.30pm (approximate end time)

Discover numerous, seasonal wild plants that can be foraged during Springtime. Learn what’s good to eat, as well as what not to eat, plus take home delicious recipe ideas with which to impress your friends. There’ll be a chance to taste leaves and shoots foraged along the way and create your own wild herb infusions…I’ll also bring along a few wild food nibbles to inspire you. Plants we can expect to see include Nettles, Wild Garlic, Ground Elder, Hawthorn and Cleavers.

March 23rd Walk £40 –


April 20th Walk £40 –


Qi Gong classes

Bristol, Thursday mornings at 10am. Leigh woods. Starting in April.

I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ll be teaching Zhan Zhuang AKA Standing like a Tree Qi Gong classes from April. Cultivating energy through stillness and gentle movements we deepen our connection to the natural world. Afterwards, we’ll explore our surroundings with a renewed sense of awareness, appreciation and child-like curiosity. This ancient art sits perfectly with foraging and is incredibly beneficial for overall health. Sessions will take place outdoors, in amongst the trees ~ the perfect place to practise this ancient and wonderful art.

Please drop me a message if you’d like to come, or if you wish to know more! Sessions will run most weeks and will be on a donation basis. Suggested donation being £8 per session. 

Forest Therapy & Mindful Foraging

Bristol, Thursdays 11th April and 30th May, 10.30am-1.30pm (approximate end time)

Promoting wellbeing through mindfulness, exploring our surroundings with a renewed sense of awareness, appreciation and child-like curiosity. Forest therapy sits perfectly with foraging and there’s evidence that it’s highly beneficial for overall health. These walks are a wonderful opportunity to unwind, recharge our inner-batteries and connect with nature.
Each walk will finish with wild herb tea and foraged nibbles.

April 11th Walk £40 –


May 30th Walk £40 –


Foraging & Cookery Classes

Pony at Chew Restaurant & Cookery School.  16th February, 15th March & 19th April. 9.30am – 2.30pm (approximate finish time including lunch).

Foraging for seasonal wild plants along the meadows and banks of Chew Valley Lake. We’ll introduce you to some of our favourite wild ingredients and talk about how we use them in the kitchen. After the walk, back at the cookery school, chef Josh Eggleton will show you how to create a simple, yet wonderfully delicious dish with your foraged herbs. We’ll then enjoy the meal we’ve cooked, with a drink and stunning views over the Chew Valley. 

£95 per person. Note: Go Foraging gift vouchers cannot be used for this event

For more info and booking click on the link below…

Coastal / Estuary Walks

Clevedon, North Somerset, Friday April 26th and Saturday April 27th, Friday May 10th, Friday June 7th – 10.00am-1.30pm (approximate end time)

Discover and eat some of the delicious wild edibles growing in coastal and salt marsh habitats, plants which shaped the lives of our hunter-gatherer forefathers and the menus of many a gourmet chef today! We’ll search for Sea Asters, Sea Arrow Grass, Sea Radish, Scurvy Grass, Sea Spinach, Rock Samphire and many more wonderful species. You’ll find out ways in which you can turn your foraged herbs and succulent sea veg into scrumptious meals and delightful condiments for use all year round. These walks are popular so don’t delay, book today! 

April 26th Walk £40 –


April 27th Walk – FULLY BOOKED

May 10th Walk £40 –


June 7th Walk £40 –


Spring Greens & Mushroom Walk

Bristol, Saturday 11th May, 10.15am-1.15pm

Exploring woodland shoots, leaves and fungi which appear at this time of year.  Learn to safely identify each species and know where to look to find them. I’ll also give you some tasty recipes and culinary ideas to get you inspired in the kitchen. This is a one off event and surely not to be missed if you’re keen to explore spring mushrooms and wild greens. I’m excited to be teaching this walk as it’s a first for me too! Wild food picnic with spring pickles and ferments plus drinks will be provided.

May 11th Walk £50 – FULLY BOOKED

Seaweeds & Coastal Walk

Gower, Wales – Saturday 8th June, 12.30pm – 3.30pm

An introduction to some of my favourite very common seaweeds. Looking at how we can incorporate them into our cooking in broths, dry fried, dried and powdered, fermented or pickled. We’ll talk about other ways seaweeds can be used harnessing their amazing medicinal and nutritional properties. There will also be focus on some fantastic coastal dwelling plants living on or near the beach. These can be used in pickles, ferments, salads, risottos and much more. These have always been super-inspiring days and in a very beautiful location. Wild food picnic with ferments, pickles, sourdough and drinks will be provided on the walk.

June 8th Walk £50 –


Medicinal mushroom walk

Bristol – Friday 9th August 10.00am – 1.00pm

*Note: Location TBC near the time and after booking. All these walks will have car parking but I can’t guarantee they will be on bus routes, or easy to cycle to. 

Learn about common medicinal fungi and their historical and cultural uses as medicine. We’ll discuss current scientific research into health benefits of mushrooms such as turkey tail and birch polypore. You’ll come away being confident in being able to identify several or more species of woodland fungi you can make your own medicine with. There will be mushroomy drinks to enjoy on this walk and mushroom tasters too!

August 9th Walk £60


Mushroom Foraging Courses….

Hampshire mushroom walks, Bristol mushroom walks, Wales Forage & Feast event, Quantocks Autumn Fruits & Fungi Walks….These are all fantastic days ~ you will love and learn so much.

Quantocks Mushroom & Autumn Fruits Walks

Sunday 27th September, Friday 4th October, Sunday 20th October, Friday 1st November, Sunday 3rd November

Note: Lift shares may be a possibility. If you are needing a lift to a Quantocks or Hampshire walk let me know. 

September 27th Walk £60


October 4th Walk £60


November 1st Walk £60


November 3rd Walk £60



Bristol Mushroom ID Walks

Bristol (Location likely just west of Bristol) –  Fridays 15th & 22nd November, Sundays December 1st and 8th – 9.45pm-1.15pm (approximate end time) *Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of fungi, walks locations will not be decided until very near each date. 

On our mushroom identification walks we will look at numerous topics including safe identification of gourmet grassland and woodland fungi, what clues to look for when getting to know mushrooms, preferred habitats of different species, what to eat and what not to eat, how to forage responsibly, foraging and the law, medicinal properties of fungi and much more. 

*Note: These walks will be very close to Bristol, on a bus route and with car parking. Also take not that these are identification walks and we will not be picking specimens. 

November 15th £60


November 22nd Walk £60


December 1st Walk £60


December 8th Walk £60


Wild Food Forage and Feast

Forest of Dean – Sunday 26th October, 10.30am-5.30pm location tbc after booking

Join us for a whole day of foraging for autumn fungi and wild herbs. Enjoy a forager’s lunch cooked back at base, a very special event space surrounded by wonderful woodlands. We’ll enjoy pickles, fermented mushroom kimchi, krauts, wild spiced dips and other condiments with our meal. Lunch time will be a valuable opportunity to ask any foraging related questions you might have. We’ll also lay out specimens we’ve gathered and use books and mushroom keys to help identify them. As with other foraging walks discussion will focus around numerous topics including; what clues to look for when foraging for mushrooms and plants, preferred habitats of different species, what to eat and what not to eat, how to forage responsibly and the wonderful medicinal and nutritional properties of mushrooms and plants. I will of course also give you some ideas for turning your foraged ingredients into tasty meals, condiments and drinks! 

Exact location given only after booking and near the time of walk.

Note: Gift vouchers may be used in part payment for these events.

October 26th Walk £95


Hampshire Mushroom Walks

Near Ringwood – Saturday 12th and Saturday 19th October – 10.30am – 2pm (approximate end time) *Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of fungi, walks locations will not be decided until very near each date. You will need to travel by car to these walks.

On our mushroom hunts we will look at safe identification of gourmet woodland fungi, what clues to look for when hunting for mushrooms, including preferred habitats of different species, what to eat and what not to eat, how to forage responsibly, wonderful medicinal and nutritional properties of fungi, plus I will give you some ideas for turning your foraged ingredients into tasty meals, condiments and drinks! These mushroom walks are relatively accessible if driving from London, Bristol etc.

October 12th Walk £60


October 19th Walk £60





Foraging walks and courses in the Bristol and Bath area, The West Country, Wales, The New Forest and across Britain