Sea radish, kohlrabi slaw

  • 1 large kohlrabi
  • Sea radish seed pods (or regular radishes, sliced)
  • Fermented mustard seeds (with optional garlic mustard seeds)
  • Scurvy grass leaves (optional)
  • Honey for slaw 100ml plus some more for the fermented mustard
  • Lemon juice 200ml
  • Olive oil 200ml
  • Salt 20g
  • Cider vinegar

This is my favourite summer slaw with Kohlrabi and sea radish seed pods. Sea radish pods are most easily harvested in may or early June when more of them are tender and good to eat. However with patience perfect pods can be picked in July and August. You’ll find many have gone tough inside and so are no good. Some however will be just right, with a little bit of give when you squeeze them and still green throughout. You don’t need lots for a small batch of slaw. Sea radish grows at the top of the beach and is quite common, look for yellow, four petal (or cross-shaped) flowers on 3-4ft tall plants. Scurvy grass grows mainly in amongst other plants on salt marshes (tidal inlets/estuaries). 

To make this tasty treat, the perfect accompaniment to any summer picnic, I fermented wholegrain mustard (and some de-husked wasabi flavoured garlic mustard seeds) in approximately 2% salt brine for a few days. To make the brine, dissolve salt in filtered tap water in a jar. You then simply add your mustard seeds to the jar, stirring to encourage lots of the seeds to sink. Keep the jar covered in some way to prevent anything getting in.  I then strained the liquid off (don’t be alarmed if it smells somewhat unpleasant, it’s really okay!) and popped my seeds in a pestle and mortar. Then comes the fun bit. Add some spoonfuls of honey and a few glugs of cider vinegar then crush the seeds as much as you desire. I leave lots of seeds whole as that’s just how I prefer it. Next, taste your mustard and add more honey and/or cider vinegar as desired. I then reserve some mustard for my slaw, popping the rest in a jar for general day to day enjoyment. It’s also fantastic in potato salads, salad dressings, sandwiches and burgers! 

To make the slaw…

Peal and chop the kohlrabi into matchsticks, adding to a mixing bowl with sea radish seeds and some chopped scurvy grass leaves (if you have some). Next, blend the remaining ingredients then add to the mixing bowl, along with some fermented mustard seeds. You can add more or less seeds according to taste. This slaw keeps for days in the fridge. I often pre-make my fermented mustard as well as lemon, honey, oil mix so when I make my slaw it’s quick and easy. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Garlic mustard seed pods

Sea radish flowers

Sea radish seed pods

Mustard seeds after fermentation, ready to add honey and cider vinegar

Scurvy grass

Kohlrabi slaw

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