Q). Can I contact you in the morning before an event?

A). On the day of an event all my attention will be on delivering the event and so I cannot reply to messages. You can email (only message by email) me but do not expect a response.

Q). Why haven’t I received a reply to my email/social media message?

A). The answers to questions you are asking can be found either here or in my terms and conditions page. Due to the volume of emails received, I am no longer able to respond to individual emails about walks, bookings, refunds etc. No exceptions will be made. Please read information on this page and the Terms and Conditions page.

Please use email for all correspondence with me. I don’t use WhatsApp, texting, Facebook or Instagram messenger for business.

Q). Walks seem to be sold out but is that really the case?

A). Yes it is, please don’t ask me. See below for how to be added to my waiting list.

Mailing list.

Q). Is there a Go Foraging mailing list?

A). Yes there is. For the time being simply email me stating that you would like me to add you to my mailing list. The self-sign-up function on the website isn’t working. You’ll receive probably to or three newsletters a year from me with recipes, what to forage now, the odd blog, interesting links and of course upcoming walks and courses. HOWEVER, to find out about upcoming events you do not need to be on my mailing list. For all events information and booking visit my Walks & Courses page.

Q). Will you be publishing any more walks?

A). Most walks are published each year around November. Keep an eye on my Walks & Courses page for all walks information and updates. I do publish more events here and there during the rest of winter and spring time. I’ll send the odd newsletter with updates on upcoming and new events but the website always has all of this information. Rather than emailing me to ask if I will be publishing any more walks, send me an email to ask to be signed up to my newsletter and visit the Walks & Courses page regularly.

Waiting list for walks…

Q). Is there a waiting list for walks and courses?

A). Yes there is one for all walks. With mushroom walks it’s often quite long by autumn each year. You are best off booking ono a walk where you can see there are still spaces. It may mean you have to travel further but it’s worth it.

Gift vouchers….

Q). How do I redeem gift vouchers?

A).To redeem you voucher(s) please email me your choice of walk(s) and I will respond shortly. Walks are always listed on my homepage (the walks and courses page).

You should have received information from whoever bought you a voucher, or vouchers. This includes how to get in touch with me to redeem your voucher(s) and the importance of booking relatively soon after receiving your voucher(s). Please ask them to forward you this information if they have not already!

In any correspondence with me, please include the Pay Pal email address of the person who gifted you the voucher(s) as a reference.

Please do not contact me asking to use a voucher that is no longer valid. Refer to valid until date on the voucher itself plus notes about validity of vouchers on the vouchers page or walks and courses page. No exceptions will be made and I cannot reply to emails about this, no matter the circumstances. Please don’t ask me if you can come on a later walk or one of next year’s walks where there are spaces. Those spaces are for new customers, most of whom will be booking towards the end of the previous year or the beginning of the new year (in which the walk takes place). Spaces, which are limited, are needed for these people.

I have a voucher but all your walks have sold out…

If they are sold out it means you have missed the boat. I always email people who have purchased gift vouchers stating that it’s essential that they let recipients of vouchers know to get in touch within weeks rather than months of the vouchers being purchased

Information about walks you’ve booked onto

Q). When will I receive information about the walk I have booked onto?

A). You will have received a confirmation email from me soon after you booked. This confirmation email is just to say thanks for booking and I’ll send more info nearer to the time of the walk. Full details of each walk, including meeting place, what to wear, bring and expect will be included in a second email. This will usually be sent in the week leading up to the walk. I am unable to respond to messages asking me for more information about the location of a walk. I am unable to respond to messages asking whether I have more information yet about the walk. Please be patient and wait until two days before the walk date. If then you have not heard from me, then, and only then, please do contact me to ensure you are on my register.

Please check your junk / spam folder if you haven’t received your initial, confirmation email from me around the time of booking. Bear in mind that I will have emailed your PayPal associated email address. In any correspondence with me, please include this email address as a reference.

Please refer to the walks and courses page and event description for general information about each event. This includes walk timings and approximate locations.

Moving to another walk once you’ve booked

You may email me to ask to move to another walk (subject to availability and terms and conditions) up to one month prior to the walk you have booked on. No exceptions whatsoever after this period.

After this time has elapsed (when the walk is in less than one month’s time) please do not contact me asking if you can be moved to another walk, regardless of whether you can see there are spaces on other walks. I do not have the energy or time to be re-advertising spaces or for extra correspondence. That time and energy has to now go into running the other aspects of my business. Remember that you agreed to this, before deciding to book on a walk. I make it very clear on my booking page that you must read information about all of this before booking places.

Please don’t ask if you can come on one of next year’s walks where there are spaces instead. Those spaces are for new bookings, most of which come towards the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. I need those spaces for these new customers. Moving someone to a different walk means I have to fill the space on the walk they had originally booked on. Apart from the admin involved, I risk loosing money if I don’t sell that space. It’s only me running the business and delivering walks. I can only provide a certain amount of walks with limited spaces each year. It only works as a business if people commit to and stick to the date they’ve booked onto. If circumstances mean that you can’t come on a walk I understand that this is regrettable. However, please understand that I cannot accommodate requests that are not in line with my terms and conditions. I have lots of requests to make an exception. No exceptions will be made. You may gift your place(s) to someone else if you can’t make a walk. You must let them know they need to email me to let me know you’ve given them your space(s). I’ll need your PayPal email address from them as proof of purchase.

Please do not email me to say “I know you say not to email you about making an exception to your terms and conditions but can I just ask (you to make an exception for me?)… I’ve outlined everything you need to know in prior email correspondence to you, and in my FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions pages. Please don’t expect me to reply to such a message. Respect my boundaries and need to run this business in a way that works for me.


Refer to terms and conditions page


Refer to terms and conditions page


Some walks including Eastville Park in Bristol are accessible to wheelchair users. You could email me about a specific walk you have in mind.

Walks vary in terms of accessibility. Most are over fairly easy terrain. Seaweed walks involve some climbing over rocks to get to our location(s). This is minimal and for most people of any age this should not be prohibitive.

Driving versus using public transport.

Do not assume you can reply on getting to one of my seaweeds days, Quantocks or Hampshire mushroom walks by public transport. By all means research it and make a decision to use a bus or train to get to, or near the location of a walk. But my advise is to travel by car to these walks. I will not accept responsibility or liability for you not making it to a walk due to issues with public transport, including strikes or lack of a service to a given area. You won’t be able to come on another walk instead.

Pets and children

Well behaved dogs are welcome on walks, one dog per booking please.

Cats are not allowed on my walks. It’s not for cats.

Children can come as long as they are accompanied by a grown up. I leave it up to the discretion of guardians when it comes to younger children. Walks are often over rougher ground in hot or cold weather and involve standing still for much of the time. They typically last around three hours. Small children, under 10 come free but subject to availability on each walk. Children between ages of 10-16 can join, subject to my discretion and according to availability of spaces on each walk. Contact me to ask please. There is a charge for 10-16 year olds of £25 for plant walks and £30 for mushroom walks.

Foraging walks and courses in the Bristol and Bath area, The West Country, Wales, The New Forest and across Britain