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My friend Jack’s noodle frittata with duck eggs, wild onion, three cornered garlic and scurvy grass. Delicious it was too. Jack has his own ducks. I think these were Jemima’s eggs but I could be wrong there. Can anyone tell me what the garnish is?




Respect your elders

Elder trees are just beginning to develop tiny white flower heads, which are often purple tinted during their early stages.
Although these trees won’t be in blossom for a little while, its a good idea to note the location of plants early on in the year, so that you will know where to go when the time comes.
The Elder is a generous tree, giving us wonderful fragrant white flowers during May and the familiar dark purple berries which appear in vast quantities in the Autumn.
Elderberries are packed with antioxidants, and vitamins A, B and C – so they’re fantastic for helping to keep colds and many other illnesses at bay.
I’m looking forward to making, among other things, elderflower frittatas and elderflower champagne with the flower sprays in May, and with the berries, elderberry syrups and vinegars. I will post some recipes soon.